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The study "Architecture & Design" by Pasquale Bonarrigo was born in 1989 when the newly Architect, after having completed the training of the practitioner, began his professional activity. The organization of this study is that it can provide the customer all benefits pertaining to the typical technical-design and consultancy work in construction and related branches, in construction, interior decoration, renovation, maintenance condominiums, relief, safety construction, land practices, tables micron, evaluations, technical advice to courts, etc. .. , private individuals, companies and public institutions......

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    Gallery Architecture & Design, 12/06/2010 (00:00:00: reggio Calabria, reggio calabria, Italy)

    Museo del Mediterraneo.

    È stata siglata a Londra, nella sede dell’ambasciata italiana, la firma del contratto per l’affidamento della progettazione del Waterfront di Reggio Calabria.

    Takes shape, the new large museum "Mediterranean" on the promenade of Reggio Calabria, whose geometry reflects, takes the form of a starfish, delivering a significant work to the city and very important, a real resource that may be. . . represent the new cultural capital of the Mediterranean basin.


  • Architettura & Design

    Lo studio “ Architettura & Design ” di Pasquale Bonarrigo fornisce servizi di progettazione nelle costruzioni civili, industriali, agrarie, ecc...

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    This template is free. You are free to use it, share it, redistribute it, modify it in any way you want as long as you keep a link back to Website in the footer. You can contact the staff of architects pasquale bonarrigo through the web social network: facebook architects ......

    Designer Pasquale Bonarrigo

    Reggio Calabria, Italy